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Biogenic waste - the energy of the future

We develop energy concepts for using your biogenic waste: move away from dependence on conventional energy sources and discover the world of renewable energy.

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Vebos AG

About us

Vebos AG manufactures biogenic waste and biomass power plants

Biomass is an almost infinite, locally available renewable raw material. Biomass plants that generate power from biomass also offer environmental and economic benefits such as preventing increases in CO2 emissions. Using biomass also increases value creation in your local region, solves waste disposal problems and reduces dependence on energy imports, in the long-term ultimately leading to calculable energy prices.

Biogenic waste products that cannot be reused or recycled in any other way are an extremely cheap fuel and, when processed using our modern plant technology, produce only minimal emissions.

Our biomass combustion plants can also deal easily with mixtures of fuel. We have extensive experience in the burning of wet and dry, fine and rough fuels simultaneously in just one plant. Our plants are fitted with special control systems that are designed for differing raw materials combinations, and can therefore be adjusted to the specific properties of each fuel. The wide range of fuels used is one of the main reasons for our intelligent plant and control technology. Our plants are designed to ensure a reliable energy supply, and their emissions are far below the set maximum limits.

Using biogenic waste reduces waste volume and reduces the impact on natural resources, which go back into the economic cycle as energy. Even the ash from some of the fuels can itself be used. For example, our unique technology produces concentrated natural manure as a by-product of burning horse dung.

Energy Concepts

Are you looking to replace fossil fuels or nuclear power with renewable energy? With prices for conventional power from oil, gas and coal continuing to rise, an energy rethink is now imperative. Not just for economic, but also and above all for environmental reasons, the time has come to consider alternatives. Energy from biogenic waste is the only conceivable alternative to renewable sun and wind energy, for biogenic waste is available even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing   and our comprehensive concept offers strong economic as well as ecological reasons for biomass power generation. Bioenergy is only worthwhile with the right fuel input, fuel supply, investment costs and efficient technology, and our biomass plants get the balance just right.

Turnkey bioenergy: we deliver ready-to-use “biomass power plants” – for business, industry, municipal, agricultural and forestry customers. We provide the ideal concept for your company to ensure that the only sensible ecological option for biodegradable waste is worth your investment.


We offer a range of options:

Plants for sale

You purchase one of our plants and use the power generated or sell it to the power network.

Hire / hire purchase

We provide the plant on a hire purchase basis. Your company uses the plant to dispose of its biogenic waste, and uses the power generated.

Operator model

It is also possible to use the plant we provide to dispose of your biogenic waste, and to purchase a proportion of the energy generated. In this case, your company is the plant operator.


Another possible plant use option is contracting. In this case, the plant is installed at the point where the fuel is produced. The power is provided to your company through the power network; we are in this case the plant operator.

No matter what form of environmentally friendly and low-cost energy use you choose, we can provide all the components you need.


Biomass plants

Our plants are produced individually: each plant is unique and the modular design is tailored to the specific fuel.

Possible fuels (with a water content of up to 75% and absolute dry components):
  • Sludge
  • Miscanthus
  • Nut shells
  • Fruit stones
  • Olivary nuclei
  • Palm wood
  • Horse manure
  • Plants
  • Plantation byproducts
  • Rice husks
  • Paddy straw
  • Sawdust
  • Abrasive dust
  • Chipboard
  • Plywood
  • Straw
  • Zoo waste
Other fuels are available on request.


We produce plants with a thermal output of 100 KW or more. A minimum thermal output of 200 KW is required for converting combustion energy into electricity and cooling power.

Biomass plants are power plants and consist of combinations of the following components (depending on the fuel and how the energy is used).

Vebos AG Biomasseanlage

The modular components are monitored with a PLC.

Biomass plants require a licence under the BImSchG [German Federal Immission Control Act implementation ordinance].

Our plants comply with all applicable emissions regulations and legal requirements.

Operation and Service

VeboS: combustion energy from biological and organic material.

The operation of a biomass plant is not comparable to running gas or oil heating. Although almost everything is automatic, there are still a few important points to note.


  1. More space is needed as the boilers are larger than those for an oil heating unit.
  2. Please also remember when planning that the plants are usually filled from a wheel loader or HGV.
  3. A number of licences/permits are required for the plants; we will discuss these with you beforehand (BImSchG [German Federal Immission Control Act] licence application, feed-in application in accordance with the EEG [German Renewable Energy Act]).
  4. Plant concept (depends on your fuel and on energy use)
  5. Environmental assessment for feed-in to the power network
  6. Ash recycling (c. 7% of input)
  7. Maintenance
  8. Commissioning and training


  1. Maintenance and service
  2. Procurement and installation of spare parts
  3. Monitoring routine checks/requirements and regular inspections,
  4. If required, we can provide full project management, or work with your project managers.
  5. Maintenance contract