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Residues – energy of the future

We develop an energetic utilization concept for you,
that enables the path to independence from conventional energies into the world of regenerative energy use through the use of own residues.

VEBOS AG is a plant engineering company. The company specializes in the production of plants for the incineration of residues, in particular moist biogenic residues.
To a large extent, the systems consist of components which we manufacture especially for these systems or which are manufactured for us by selected suppliers.

Vebos AG

Our company

Vebos AG produces plants for the use of residual materials and biomass.

Biomass is a renewable resource that is almost unlimited in time and decentralized available. Utilizing this raw material to produce energy in a biomass plant also has environmental and economic benefits. For example, the energetic use of biomass prevents the increase in CO2 emissions. In addition, the use of biomass increases the value added in the respective region, solves problems with residues, reduces dependence on energy imports and thus creates predictable energy prices in the long term.

Biogenic residues that are not used in any other way are particularly cost-effective and, thanks to the use of our state-of-the-art plant technology, are extremely low-emission fuel for these residues.

Fuel mixtures are no problem for our biomass combustion systems. We have a great deal of experience in burning both wet and dry and fine and coarse fuels in a single unit at the same time. Our plants have a special control technology that takes into account the different composition of raw materials and can therefore be adapted to the respective properties of the fuels. In particular, it is the versatile fuels that require sophisticated plant and control technology. Our systems are designed to ensure the reliable supply of energy. At the same time, the regulatory emission limits are complied with.

By recycling biogenic residues, waste is avoided and natural resources saved, which in turn are recycled as energy to the economic cycle. Depending on the fuel, the ash discharge can additionally be used. For example, biomass combustion produces natural fertilizer through our unique technology.

Thanks to our special plant technology, pre-drying is not required for wet fuels, which is an additional advantage in terms of eco-balance.

Energy concepts

You want to replace fossil fuels or electricity from nuclear energy with renewable raw materials? Increased prices for conventional energy from oil, gas and coal make a rethink unavoidable. Not only for economic reasons, but above all for environmental reasons, the time has come to think about alternatives. Energy from residues is the only conceivable supplement to renewable forms of energy from sun and wind, because it is also available when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. The fact that it makes sense to generate energy from biomass not only for reasons of ecology, but also for economic reasons, is based on our integrated concept. Bioenergy pays off only if the interaction of fuel use, fuel supply, investment costs and efficient technology is consistent. Our biomass plants meet this requirement.

Bioenergy turnkey. For us, that means: we deliver your ready-to-use “biomass power plant”. It does not matter if your company is an industrial company, if you are a municipal carrier or if you are a farmer and forestry company. We offer the concept needed for your company.

biomass plants

Our systems are manufactured individually. That means every plant is a one-of-a-kind and is tuned to the fuel (max 75% water content Atro) and your circumstances.

Possible fuels:
  • Domestic waste
  • Sludge
  • Miscanthus
  • Nut shells
  • Fruit stones
  • Olivary nuclei
  • Palm wood
  • Horse manure
  • Plants
  • Plantation byproducts
  • Rice husks
  • Paddy straw
  • S√§gemehl
  • Sawdust
  • Abrasive dust
  • Plywood
  • Straw
  • Zoo waste
Other fuels on request.

From a capacity of 100 Kilowatt to 5000 Kilowatt we produce thermally as a single unit. From a power of 200 Kilowatt thermally it is possible to convert the combustion energy into electricity and heat / or cold.

Biomass plants need a permit in accordance with. BImSchV.
Of course, our systems meet the respective emission regulations and legal requirements.

Operation and service

Vebos stands for combustion energy from biological and organic substances.

The operation of a biomass plant can not be compared to gas / oil heating. Although almost everything runs automatically, there are a few things to keep in mind.


  1. Increased space requirements, as the boilers are larger than an oil heater.
  2. Normally they are filled with a wheel loader or truck, we ask you to consider this as well.
  3. The facilities are subject to various permits, which we agree with you. (Building permit, BImSch application, feed-in application according to EEG)
  4. Creation of the plant concept (depends on your fuel and energy use).
  5. Environmental assessor for grid feed-in
  6. Ash recycling (about 7% of the input quantity)
  7. Maintenance
  8. Commissioning and training


  1. Maintenance
  2. Procurement and assembly of spare parts
  3. Monitoring routine appointments and recurring checks
  4. On request, we can take over the complete execution of the project, or coordinate with your project manager.
  5. Conclusion of a maintenance contract

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