Push floors as train and pressure floors / also passable

Push floor systems are suitable for silos and storage areas for discharging coarse-grained materials with poor flow properties.

Depending on the requirements of the bulk materials used, the sliding trays are available in normal steel, stainless steel or with corrosion or wear protection coatings. By combining several modules, virtually unlimited storage volumes can be realized.

Our moving floors are made up of hydraulically driven shear segments and can be set up as wide as you like.
Regardless of the number of thrust segments operating in parallel, we achieve almost 100% discharge with constant discharge capacity.

The width can be freely selected in meter increments. The modular design allows a very quick and easy installation, as well as the subsequent extension of existing systems. Our moving floors are designed for large storage capacities and high discharge rates.


  • Fuel storage for combustion plants
  • Sorting warehouse for the recycling industry
  • Raw material deposits for the cement industry
  • Storage, original and dosing tanks for industrial production plants
  • Other applications


  • High storage heights
  • Complete discharge of bulk solids with poor flow properties
  • Low susceptibility to interference
  • Modular construction
  • subsequently expandable
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Fast availability of spare par
  • Corrosion and wear protection
  • Fast and easy installation