Wood gasification

Module – Pyrolysis wood gas module heating plant with the following performance data per module:

Designation / Type Module Active power approx. 10 kW / 20 kW
Active power thermal cooling water heat engine approx. 10 kW / 20 kW
Active power thermal cooling water heat gas cooler approx. 5kW / 10 kW
Effective thermal exhaust gas heat (optional) approx. 5kW / 10 kW
Biomass requirement (wood chips) approx. 10 kg / h / 20 kg / h
Own current (connected load) approx. 2.0 kW

A. Pyrolysis wood gas module HKW consisting of:

Wood gas producer with the following components:

  • pyrolysis
  • Gas cleaning unit with cooler
  • Loading biomass
  • ash removal
  • Piping with fittings
  • Control elements
  • The components in detail as follows:

B. Motor / generator unit CHP

according to the offered electrical power of the module system, consisting of the following components:

  • Engine / generator frame, noise and vibration damped
  • Internal combustion engines (gas Otto System)
  • generator
  • lambda control
  • Heat dissipation via cooling water circuit

C. Measuring / control / control devices with load section for grid parallel operation and island operation

D. Remote maintenance u. Diagnostic module (not included in the standard HKW module price)
for the external monitoring of the system via Internet or UMTS including fault call facility on monitoring and service phone

F. Woodchip material warehouse with feeding equipment and cell wheel sluice
are not included in the standard HKW module price and are usually to be built on site.